Slash Your Solar Lead Costs by 70%! Discover the Revolutionary Cost-Sharing Program that Delivers High-Quality Solar Leads for as Little as $10 Each!

**Exclusively for Solar Sales Organizations and Sales Reps**

Get High-Quality YouTube Solar Leads for 70% Less!
Watch This Important Video Outlining The Newest Programs from Solar Exclusive 
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Watch This Important Video Outlining The Newest Programs from Solar Exclusive 
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Hey, stop wasting your budget on expensive solar leads! 
Did you know that the cost of solar leads has skyrocketed by 70% in the last five years? 

Traditional ad platforms like Facebook, Google and YouTube are becoming increasingly competitive and expensive for solar companies. 

If you're still relying on these platforms for lead generation, you're likely seeing a decline in your ROI

The truth is, these platforms are saturated with big solar companies who have larger budgets and can outbid you in ad auctions. 

This could lead to serious business issues such as lower sales, reduced profitability, and slower business growth, just to name a few. 

"We've Gotten Thousands of Leads and Closed Hundreds of Deals!"

-Sean McGraw
Phoenix, AZ

The good news is that Solar Exclusive, the largest independent marketing agency in solar, has created a solution. 

They noticed hundreds of solar companies struggling with the same problem - rising lead costs and declining sales

Despite their best efforts, many of these companies were unable to compete with bigger players in the market. 

Until they stumbled upon a simple solution that had a few of their clients THRIVING despite the competition

What they found after detailed research shocked everyone. 

They decided to share the YouTube solar leads, across 3 separate clients, which made the costs not only cheaper but also maintained high quality. 

Each of the 3 clients had a lower cost per acquisition and they ONLY paid as little as $10-20 per lead!
So Solar Exclusive reached out to other struggling solar companies and recommended them to try this new approach. 

After one month, their inbox was overflowing with thank you letters. The companies were seeing a significant increase in their sales and a reduction in their lead costs. 

But they were all asking the same question - where can we get more of these shared leads? 

So Solar Exclusive realized there was a gap in the market for a reliable source of shared solar leads. 

"Our Sit/Show and Close Rates Have Increased 400%!"

-Tye Dawson
Salt Lake City, UT

So, they took matters into their own hands and developed a brilliant solution. They named it the "Solar Exclusive Cost-Sharing Program"

The Solar Exclusive Cost-Sharing Program provides high-quality, shared YouTube solar leads at a discounted rate

With lead costs as low as $10 per lead, solar companies can now generate more leads for less. 

If you're a solar sales rep who is comfortable in a multi-bid scenario, you can get high-quality YouTube solar leads for as little as $10 per lead when you join this membership program.

But Solar Exclusive hasn't stopped their normal exclusive program. That's still going strong, with guaranteed minimums for exclusive appointments in the most popular solar markets today.  
 Take your pick!

Would you prefer to have exclusive appointments guaranteed, or take a chance with lower cost leads that are shared if it means it could bring down your overall cost per acquisition?

At first, they relied exclusively on sharing these cost-saving secrets with their top clients.

What they didn't expect was many of their clients reducing their CPAs by up to 50% in some of the toughest markets in the country!
Since this revolutionary shift, they are now offering this shared YouTube solar lead program in only a select number of the most popular markets, and only for a cap of 3 sales orgs per market.  

The markets this program is available in are:
  • San Diego
  • ​Southern California
  • ​Central California
  • ​Northern California 
  • ​Phoenix, AZ
  • ​Las Vegas, NV
  • ​Orlando FL
  • ​South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale or Miami areas)
  • ​Panhandle, FL
  • ​North and South Jersey
  • ​Boston, MA
  • ​Philadelphia and Eastern PA
  • ​Chicago, IL
  • ​Dallas, TX 
  • ​Houston/San Antonio, TX
  • ​El Paso, TX
  • ​Salt Lake City, UT
  • ​Charlotte, NC
  • ​Raleigh and Wilmington, NC
  • ​Denver, CO and surrounding areas
  • ​Pittsburgh and Western PA

"Our Profits Have Tripled!"

-Raul Gonzalez
San Diego, CA

If you're a solar sales rep who is comfortable in a multi-bid scenario, you can get high-quality YouTube solar leads for as little as $10 per lead when you join this membership program.

If your close ratio is lower on these leads because they're shared, it doesn't matter because your costs will be 2 to 5X lower than running the ads yourself!
Best part, you DON'T have to cover the ad spend!

"Our Business Has Increased 25% [On The Lowest Package!]"

-Adrian Esparza
Los Angeles, CA

By utilizing a cost-sharing platform, Solar Exclusive can can pool the funds together and create higher budgets on the ad platforms which will give you an advantage in the auction against the bigger solar companies running ads, and you'll compile more data faster to acquire the best quality solar lead

We will never share a lead more than 2 or 3 times, so you'll still have a high likelihood of success, as long as your speed to the lead is efficient and you call leads as soon as they come in.

Book a call below to decide between our guaranteed exclusive appointment program, or this brand new shared solar YouTube lead program with lead costs as low as $10 per lead.
To celebrate this new program’s success, Solar Exclusive is now offering a $2,000 credit to anyone who signs up for the Shared Lead Program in the next 7 days after booking a call below.

Solar Exclusive has a goal to help 3000 additional solar companies increase their sales by 50% by 2026. (we’ve already helped 3000 solar companies from 2017-2022).

Want our advice?

It's 2023, so ditch the old-fashioned, expensive lead generation methods and sign up for the Solar Exclusive Cost-Sharing Program, with lead costs as low as $10 per lead.

Click the link below to get your $2,000 credit! 

This is a limited time opportunity while spots remain 

and the price is set to increase at any moment. 

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